Amazon Kindle3

Amazon has release a new third generation of the Kindle. The Kindle 3 has a new marketing strategy to get known and be used by the masses. The new Amazon Kindle 3 ($140/Wi-Fi $190/3G+Wi-Fi) lowers the price of entry while adding new features and removing others. What I like about the 3G one is that their 3G service is offered at no charge. The new Kindle features a faster six-inch e-ink display with higher contrast, a new graphite color, a new leather cover with integrated LED light, a new "experimental" WebKit-based browser, and double the storage with half the cachet. They have also made it about 15% lighter so it only weighs about 8.7 ounces which is less than a paperback. This new Kindle seems to be doing very well in its new marketing campaign due to they are currently temporarily sold out at this time. So if you want one your going to have to reserve one and it looks like they will not be shipped out till after September 4th. So it might take a minute to get your read on.

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