The Warmth of a Wood Home

The use of wood can bring out the warmth of a home. In this design the CplusC Architects were going for the idea of “good wood.” Displaying the firm’s love of wood and how it inspires a warm flavor of architecture, this timber home design welcomes residents and guests with an entry sequence leading to a recycled Jarrah door. Inside, the main hallway can be compared to a tree trunk, lined with a rich wood floor and ceiling, and the home’s various rooms branching off it in succession. The hallway leads through the structure and into the heart of the house – an open-concept kitchen, living and dining area – and out onto a rear courtyard, where a wood deck encircles the pool. The architectures who built this home put some detail in the different shades of wood as well as using different angular designs to give the home a more warm modern feel to it.
photo credit: Murray Fredericks

via source: Trendir

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