Samsung Promxima Concept

Johan Loekito and Samsung worked on a concept project to make sure that you don't lose your mobile phone ever again. Cause I'm sure in this day and age we don't watch our phones like hawks. It's called Samsung Proxima and it's a concept that involves a cellphone with a wristband acting like a docking station. This watch also has a proximity sensor on board making the wristband emit a tone or vibrate if the phone is too far from it. This also helps the user find the device with a single button press. The Proxima also is able to detect other users with the same phone in your area and lets you contact them. I'm sure that with something like this you can change the settings to turn this feature off if you wanted. I think the design on this concept is slick but for the other uses I'm not really sold on it. What do you think of this concept design?

via: beautiful life

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