Allendale House

William O'Briend Jr. designed what he calls the Allandale House. It a unique triangular cabin that was constructed for an idiosyncratic connoisseur. This is a modern version of a forest cabin based on an extruded A-frame. The design use of the A-frame is well used in this home. The large window in the front provides a beautiful view while still providing some excellent natural light to the interior of the cabin. This home does have a second floor and it was made possible due to the wider A-frame in the back. The house links three horizontal extrusions of “leaning,” or asymmetrical A-frames. The skinny A-frame on the western side contains the library, wine cellar and garage. The wide A-frame in the center of the house is dedicated to two floors of bedrooms and bathrooms. This is quite a cabin to say the least. It was well designed to meet the modern age but also it used geometrical angles to give it a more unique look.


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