Kiel's Cardboard Cameras

In the world of art and design a big demand and merge of sustainable design has come into play. Many artists are now being cautious on materials they use for environmental purposes. One of these eco-conscious artists is Kiel Johnson who is a famous American-based painter and sculptor. In one of his collections he uses cardboard to create a range of camera that includes SLRs, Polaroid cameras, point and shoot cameras, twin lens cameras and the retro 8mm camera. After viewing these piece of art I can see why Kiel has been recognized on a lot of his works which have been showcased in public and private collections. I can only image the detail and time it took for him to just create one of these cameras and the fact that he is being eco-conscious gives him two thumbs up. If you want to check out more photo's of the cameras check out his site.

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