Playlist-18 Compiled by Damion

Playlist-18 has arrived and is ready for you to press play. This an upbeat kinda of playlist which I quite enjoy. One of my top favorites is from the band Kinisi and their song Beach Frogs. It has that pseudo-rhythmic feel with it's soothing electric guitar. This is a band to watch for. If you want to hear more from Kinisi then head on over to their bandcamp site and download three of their tracks for FREE. It's also good to see that Abandoned Pools has released a new track called Legionnaire. It has been a hot minute since they have put anything out but this new track doesn't leave you hanging. So time to get those eardrums working.

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Cover art by: Damion Schweizer


1. Golden Age by Beach Fossils
2. Boy by Ra Ra Riot
3. Beach Frogs by Kinisi
4. Almost There with Lauren Hillman by Opus Orange
5. Rill Rill by Sleigh Belss
6. Wood Block by Joe Gil
7. Wide Eyed Legless by Laura Veirs
8. Beach by Mew
9. Nobodys In Love (Xaphoon Jones Remix) by 2AM Club
10. If I Ever Feel Better (Original) by Phoenix
11. Legionnaire by Abandoned Pools
12. Should Have Taken Acid With You (Breakfast Of Champions Remix) by Neon Indian
13. Static on The Wire by Holy Ghost!
14. Flot On Modest Mouse Cover by Blackbird Blackbird
15. All to All (Spirit If Remix by Kevin Drew & Ohad Benchetrit) by Broken Social Scene

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