Derringer Cycles 1920's Modeled Hybrids

I haven't written about bikes in a while so today is your lucky day. Let me introduce the Derringer Cycles, a line of hybrid bikes that were modeled after 1920's racing motorcycles. These stylish bikes are a throwback to the classic that your grandparents might have had. They even feature the Brooks leather saddles and polished copper rivets and the design is reimagined for the modern world. The Derringer cycle allows the rider to either use his own bike pedaling powers or use the Honda overhead valve 4-stroke engine. This little bad boy can get you speeding along the road at a cruise speed of 35 MPH. It also has a 1.8 gallon tank that gives you enough power to go up to 300 miles on one tank of gas.

So I take it by this point in the post your asking yourself I want one but how much does it cost? Well since these are custom made and it's a vintage item that will standout on its own. Your looking to spend somewhere around 3,500 for one of these to go around town and brag about your sweet vintage throwback bike.

via: Inhabitat

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