TELEPHONEME is a new film from MK12: it's a hybrid live-action/animated piece about language working as a double agent, carrying a hidden meaning with it for reasons unknown. They got the idea after discovering an educational film from the 60's, titled The Alphabet Conspiracy. In the production notes they took the original soundtrack from the 60's movie and remixed it into a slightly darker version of itself, which they stated it became the foundation for the new film TELEPHONEME. This short film uses cues from The Alphabet Conspiracy as well as other educational films from back in the day. It has some awkward editing and absurd premises that fit the genre of the past. The color palette choice in this film was simple and deliberate, and they also used a technique to split out different colors like red, green, and blue to superimpose these colors throughout the film, but they also moved independently of one another, creating different transitional and graphic effects.

Side Note: If you like the font that they used in the film. Then check out the website where you can download MK12_Chadwick font for free.

telephoneme image1
telephoneme image2
telephoneme image3
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