The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap is a 4 piece indie band from down under. This Australian band gives you some Aussie style with their atmospheric sound, that incorporates pulsating drum and bass grooves with fluctuating pitched vocals and arpeggiated guitar chords, and a modest drizzling of synths .

Their album Conditions was release in 2009 and their single "Sweet Disposition" has been used in countless commercials and it's also on the soundtrack to 500 days of Summer. Although this song is their mainstream hit don't let that full you. The rest of the album is full of great fines with the courtesy of Dougy Mandagi and his plaintive vocals and the swelling strings that accompany each track.

This album was well produced and bristlingly melodic, but also sobersided and personality-free, with lyrics that have big themes - life and death, love and faith - in empty platitudes. They are currently starting to work on their second album which I can only assume will be just as unique and filled with blissful sounds as Conditions. If you're looking for something to quiver and tingle your vertebrae and give you goose bumps then this album is for you.

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