Open Air Structure

Marek Rytych Architekt is the one who designed the “Open Air Sculpture” house in the suburbs of Warsaw, Poland. This home is full of different elements that pull all together to make a unique modern home yet with a loft living kind of feel. The designers from looking at their site are specialized in industrial design and you can tell from the materials and textures used throughout the home.

The exterior of the home is an eye catcher for sure with its geometrical shapes apparently abundant on this home. The use of different elevations on the porches and stepping stones gives the home more depth and character. The interior of the home is open with only miniumal separations from other rooms in the home. It's structured on the inside to feel like your in an industrial type loft with a modern look. There are so many pictures of this amazing house so if you want to see more pictures check out Marek Rytych Architekt site.

via: Contemporist

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