A-cero Concrete House

This house is by far an amazing house in structure and design. This was built in the outskirts of Madrid by A-Cero, Joaquin Torres Architect. This single family home is 5,924ft. and is equipped with a beautiful interiors with a modern and minimalist feeling. The back front of the house is totally opened towards the garden where the lounge, dining room, library, study and bedrooms are. In this facade the wide windows, the volumes set and the projections (made of concrete too enhance). These elements cover the several house´s porches. The large window of the main lounge hides itself automatically in order to make this stay completely opened to the exterior areas.

The outside of the building seems to be hidden between concrete walls and vegetable ramps that extend up to the roof. This house is very eco-friendly as well. The roof has the main ecological roles because they are covered with low consume vegetation. Furthermore on the house´s roof has been implemented a renewable energy system made of wide surfaces with solar tubular collectors who allow that the energy autonomy of the house. I highly recommend checking out the other pictures of this house. It is stunning and I would love to live in this house or at least take a tour.

The plot includes also an elegant garden, a small lake and a paddle track.

via: Arch Daily

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