Kitsune Noir Mixcast/No.040

Today I wanted to share Kitsune Noir's Mixcast No. 40. I have been digging this mix for a hot minute. The first thing that caught my attention for this mix though was the cover art. From the post on Kitsune blog the photographer who took these photo's was one of Kitsune friend Ed Fladung. I have to give Ed props on his photography skills. I also need to give a thanks to Kitsune for his nice collection of tracks that he put together on this mix. He put brand new stuff by Arcade Fire, Blonde Redhead and The Books as well as some smaller artists like Brothertiger, Twin Sister and Gold Panda. Unlike most of his mixcast on his blog this one doesn't have voice overs on the tracks which I particularly like. So if you want to hear a good mix today then go ahead and download this Mixcast No. 40. Also check out Kitsune Noir's Blog. He has some great material that I'm sure most of you would enjoy. I know I do.

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