Pencil Tip Micro Sculptures

Pencil's have been used by many of artists but I don't think they have been used like this. Sculptor Dalton Ghetti slowly and carefully carves the tips of pencils into amazing micro sculptures. These carvings are a side project that Dalton works on when he has free time from his full time job of carpentry. Dalton uses a razor blade, sewing needle, a sculpting knife, a steady hand and lots of patience to meticulously carve the graphite which can take anywhere between a few months to a few years. I like what Dalton said in an interview with He said, "It's like I'm removing specs of dust at a time because the scale is so small," he said. "If there's a little bit of dust on my table at the end of the day and I didn't break it - that's a good day's work." If he does break a piece that he is working on he will keep it and place it in his cemetery collection as he calls it. Another fascinating things about these tiny works of art is that he has never sold them, only given them away to friends as gifts.

via: Kronikle

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