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I have finally generated a new website which showcases my photography and graphic design works. To build it I used which is a Webtop publishing platform that lets users create any kind of web content (web sites, widgets, blogs, myspace layouts) and publish that content anywhere they want. WIX provides all that you require to create adequate exposure. It offers a simpler, faster and better ways for you to build Flash web content. Another great thing about this platform is that you can have an amazing flash website without needing to know any code. Wix does this without the need to use complex publishing systems and without being constrained by the limitations of template based solutions. It also provides a simple SEO friendly solution to make sure you're getting found online. You get all this absolutely free although if you're looking for more perks then maybe upgrading to a monthly plan might be your deal.

This will be my second site that I have built using this publishing platform and I couldn't be happier with the outcomes of both sites. If your an entrepreneur and your looking for a way to build a site for your business with ease then give a try. If your interested in checking out my portfolio website then click the image below or click the portfolio button in the main menu.

via: Graphic Design Blog, Crunchbase

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