Surfing Trip Photo's

My birthday was last month and I wanted to do something fun and different. So I decided to head over to Daytona, FL to hang with some friends and go surfing. Now I don't get to do a lot of surfing here on the Tampa side due to the lack of waves. So Daytona was an upgrade for me.

While on my trip I wanted to capture some of the moments but I wanted to try something different. I wanted to get a underwater camera and see what kind of effects that I could capture with this camera. So below are some of the pictures that were taken from the surfing trip. Although I do want to mention that the first two pictures were taken on Clearwater Beach, FL after my surfing trip. Hope you enjoy. If you want to see more of my photography you can check out my Flickr account. I will also have a new photography/design website coming soon!

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