The Whitest Boy Alive

You know I would have to say that I love making the Playlist's every month because I find new bands that fit the style that I'm currently enjoying. This month I have been getting down to the sounds of The Whitest Boy Alive. This band started as an electronic dance music project in 2003. It has slowly over time developed into a band without any programmed elements. The Whitest Boy Alive is frontman-ed by Erlend Øye, the lead singer who gives this band it's unique sound. You might recognize his vocals from The Kings of Convenience (his other band) which by the way is another great band. The groups sound is a mix of plucking guitars, synths, with a steady drum beat and soft vocals to make for some great easy listening. Once you have listen to a few TWBA tracks you’ll be hooked and you'll be looking for more.

via: Hold My Coat

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