The Hook Sounds of Tokyo Police Club

In 2010 if your an indie band you might have difficulty becoming a known band due to the over saturation of the indie culture. Although, if you have that right sound that feeds the neon kids then by gosh your going to rise to the top. One band who is pushing to the for front is Tokyo Police Club with their new album "Champion". Now Tokyo Police Club is no new band. They have been slowing growing a fan base since back in 2006 when they played each year at numerous festivals and then in 2008 they released their first album "Elephant Shell".

In the new album you will get a sense that the lyrics of this album have matured and the stories have lyrically improved compared to the band’s earlier work. This album is full of catchy pop-hooked melodies to fill your indie ear drums. The first two songs on the album "Favourite Food" and "Favourite Colour" are a pair of tracks that tingle with the sweetness of summer memories. These two songs get you going and gets you ready for the other great tracks on this album. Tokyo Police Club keep their sound going with it's light and poppy with its gently swaying guitar and keys throughout this album. So have a listen to some of their tracks from their album. Also let me know if you think in a couple of songs if Dave Monks the lead singer sounds like They Might Be Giants a little.

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