Logitech Revue with Google TV

Christmas is only 23 days away and you're still trying to find that perfect gift. How about getting one of these bad boys. The Logitech Revue with Google T.V. ($299). The one stop shop to turn your TV into the future of entertainment. Revue is a companion to your TV and not a TV itself, so it can be easily updated. Plus Google TV is an open platform, with developers creating more apps and functionality next year, so your TV will do more as Google TV does more. One of the great features of the Revue is the fact that your Smartphone can become your remote and even do voice search's for those that are lazy and don't want to type. I admit I'm one of them. You can even watch a video on your phone and then push it to your TV. The only drawback of this media hub so far is that Hulu doesn't work on Google TV yet, but that can change in the future. More than likely you will have to pay for Hulu Plus for it to work. There are way too many functions for this box so I have added some videos to show the demo of this hub.

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