Inspiration of Designspiration

The internet is filled with inspiration from a story to an image. We as people find ideas and inspiration in many avenues amongst the cloud that we call the internet. So today let me introduce to you Designspiration. It was founded by Shelby White, a Seattle based graphic designer and owner of Wanken Blog and co-writer on ISO50 blog.

Designspiration took Shelby about 10 months for his idea of growing a community full of inspiration. This minimalist designed platform seems simple but it is full of great features to help you find your inspiration quickly and neatly. Some of the features are the live type search, color search and easy keyboard navigation. After toying with this site I quickly added this to my favorites. If you want to read about Shelby's thought process then check out the post on ISO50.

If you would like to get involved in sharing your works on Designspiration it's membership driven by those who are already members. So send an email to to register AT with a link to your portfolio or the type of inspiration you’d be uploading.

Shelby will be doing a live broadcast on Tuesday, December 14th at 12pm(noon) PST to talk about the project and anything design or photography related. So if you have questions he will bring the answers. Happy hunting.

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