"The Fall" by Gorillaz Made By An iPad

It's amazing what an iPad can really do if you know how to use it. I guess you can do anything. Take Damon Albarn for example he created a whole NEW 15 track Gorillaz's album with nothing more than an iPad and additional instruments. It was all recorded while the Gorilla's were on a 32 day North American Tour this year.

The album entitled The Fall is nothing less than talent. This album has nothing but great songs that bring different eclectic mixes of synths into great sounding tracks. This is not just a diary of the bands 32 day tour it's also a feat to show what can be accomplished in a short period of time. It's only 47 minutes long but I can guarantee that it will flow nicely on repeat. Oh! I forgot to mention the best part about this album. Damon Albarn has been generous enough to share the whole album over on their website for FREE. Head over to Gorillaz.com to check out the album, where it’s available to stream or can be downloaded for members of the fan club.

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