Kurz und Schön opener (Short & Nice)

This is a short film opener for the short film competition "kurzundschön" (Short & Nice). The competition is for young creatives for commercial spots, motion design, short films and mobile miniatures. This competition was designed to promote and advocate up-and-coming talent. The featured short film for the competition was made by feedmee. The creators of this short opener wanted to show the short and nice moment when felicity and serenity came together. This is a beautiful short film with the feeling of letting go of life and floating to peace.

Floating in air!
Client: WDR
Concept & Design: FEEDMEE Design
(Susanne Lüchtrath, Sabine Dully, Benjamin Zurek, Anton Riedel)
Production: FEEDMEE Design
Animation & Post: FEEDMEE Design
Cut: FEEDMEE Design
Camera: Timm Lange
Sound & Music: Loy production

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