Pantone iPhone 4 & iPad Cases

I don't own an iPhone 4 or an iPad but if I did I would definitely be getting one of these Pantone cases. Any designer would agree. Monaco-based Case Scenario has linked up with Pantone and as a result, you get nine colors for the iPhone 4, ranging from the deep Pantone Blue 7462 to the juicy Pantone Pink 226. For iPad, the Fall fashion colors are Pantone Black, Pantone Cool Grey, Pantone Blue 7462 and Pantone Red 711.

If your looking for more licensed tech ideas they also have the Pantone color Library App for the iPhone. There is also the myPANTONE X-Ref App which would be good for those that are looking for ways to convert screen RGB color formulations into paints for print and your home.

Now for the people that are like me and don't have an apple product then your still in lucky. Pantone offers other products that range from bikes, storage bins, kitchen containers, and of course those all time favorite coffee mugs.

If you end up getting a crappy gift from your aunt Sally this Christmas. Then take it back and get you one of these products. It's got to be better than that sad excuse for a polyester sweater with reindeer on it.

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