Hotel Vorstadt 14 in Switzerland

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Luxury? Well the Vorstadt 14 in Switzerland and it's partnering network Rough Luxe describes luxury as a time for reflection, personal encounters with people, nature, architecture and environment as well as food and social and cultural experiences linked to geographic locations. It is also, the intellectual solicitation, listening to ones own feelings as well as comparing objects and time and thinking of their hierarchy.

That is what they are trying to accomplish with there 15th -century house in the town of Zug, Switzerland. Vorstadt 14 offers three luxury suites of totally different designs for travelers who are looking for there luxury. The two bottom floors are full-on minimalist, while the top floor is a private, under the eaves rustic meets Swiss modern apartment designed by Roger Stussi. (see below). These three suites are available for rent. Visit Vorstadt 14 to get more info and check out the other two suites.

via: Remodelista

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