TDK Boombox

I'm a sucker for Ghetto Blasters of the past but TDK is bringing back the boombox with a new line of boomboxes updated for today's technology. There are two models, the 3 Speaker Boombox($499) and the 2 Speaker Boombox($399). The difference between the 3 speaker and the two speaker is that the 3 speaker system has a dedicated subwoofer in the center. Both stereos have a glossy finish with a touch screen control panel and it also has the classic retro shape of the OG (Original Gangster). The touch screens on these boomboxes are embedded into the front of the device, similar to those found in many Smartphones. Each of these boomboxes have the option to be plugged in or battery operated. Both models have USB, 3.5mm and RCA auxiliary ports to connect a variety of music sources. There is also a larger auxiliary port that allows you to connect a guitar or microphone in case you want to jam or sing with your music. These boomboxes will become available online starting in January 2011 and should be in stores by Februrary.

source: coolhunting

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