SantaMonica Poster Designs by Mark Brooks

When I first saw these poster designs by Mark Brooks it immediately caught my attention and sucked me in. The color tones and the minimal yet subtle design of each poster had me searching around for more of his work. Mark designed these posters for SantaMonica a Barcelona based brand that presents a very solid and refined graphic identity with there prints and t-shirts.

The one that really caught my attention out of this series of posters is the particle acceleration poster with the giraffe. The idea and the concept are quite interesting using the spots of a giraffe to symbolize the idea of particles separating. Well I will leave you to checking out the posters now but I will leave you with a little fact about giraffe's. The word "giraffe" comes from an Arabic word, "zirafah", which means "the tallest of all".

Source: Behance

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