Kilian Martin Man About Town

Man About Town starring Kilian Martin was an interesting concept of combining two different ideas together. Who would have thought making a video of fashion and skateboarding would be so cool. What really catches your attention is Kilian Martin who is one of the best freestyle skateboarders in the world. Hands down this guy will have you going whaaaattt! No way did you see that! Below I have added two other videos A Skate Escalation and A Skate Regeneration that also showcase his freestyling street talent.

When watching these freestyle skate videos a lot of you will immediately think of Rodney Mullen who was one of the original gangsters of freestyle skateboarding. This is what Kilian stated about Rodney in an interview he did when he was asked about his feelings on being compared to Mullen. He stated, I really respect all that he has done. In some ways, he changed skateboarding by inventing so many awesome tricks. He is a pioneer and skateboarding legend all the way. I am over being compared with Rodney Mullen. I know many people do it, and I’m not sure if I will ever be able to change that. It is because Rodney has been the only person mixing Freestyle and Street in an artistic new way. So, sometimes when people see me mixing these two skateboarding styles I get compared…Anyways, I try to do my own tricks and give it my own style. I personally think that both are very talented and each brings their own style and passion to the streets of freestyling.

Source: thefoxisblack

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