Perch Speaker

The Perch ($180) is a classy and sleek designed portable wireless speaker that's designed for use with mobile media. This two-piece speaker/dock features Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming, a magnetic charger built into the dock, which also has a tray for charging your smartphone or media player. It also has built-in digital clock with alarm function, and an integrated microphone for conference calls or video calls. The Perch also has a hinge on the backside so you can prop the speaker up in the portrait mode.

This Perch is currently in presale status on Quirky. Once it's quota is reached it will then be put into production. Quirky is a site where an idea can become a reality. I would love to explain it to you but I think the video below will do a better job then me. So if you have an idea join Quirky and you can have your idea become a reality like this product.

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