Goddamn Electric Bill: "Jazz" Album Streaming

Yes! That is all I can say. I'm excited for the NEW album by Goddamn Electric Bill. He has been talking about it and teasing tracks all of last year so it's good to actually see a finished project.

Jason Torbert also known as GDEB began writing and producing the tracks for Jazz as a score for an indie film, "Douchbag," which was nominated for Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize last year. So he starting producing and after inspiration hit his ear Torbert found himself surrounded by tons of new material which he saw as a potential to make one solid album.

The album Jazz will be released on February 8, 2011 and will be released on CD with only 300 copies made. He will have it available on Vinyl as well with only 250 available. Each will be hand numbered. In the mean time if you can't wait till February 8th then you're in luck. Goddamn Electric Bill has put up the whole album up on his website for your streaming pleasure. I have also put it up on the blog as well. If you like what you hear support your artist and check out his shop.

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