Playlist-08 Compiled by Damion

Welcome to the year 2010 where new possibilities can become reality. Where new sounds and music can fill your ears with new tracks to go with new memories. In this endless array of music possibilities let me introduce to you the new TCL Playlist-08 compiled by Damion.

Cover Art by: Damion Schweizer


1. Animals by KiT
2. Jogger by Gorilla Meat
3. Haikuesque(The Gentleman Losers' Whispers In The Rain) by Bibio
4. In Steps by Letting Up Despite Great Faults
5. Love's Not Worth It by Lee & Wilbee
6. New Wife New Life by Truman Peyote
7. No Surprise (Earth Version) by James Yuill
8. Big Black Car by Gregory Alan Isakov
9. Picture Frames by Georgia Fair
10. Poison In Our Pocket by Whitley
11. Sleepyhead (Streetlab Mix) by Passion Pit
12. Skeleton Keys by Omni Trio
13. Slick by Chew Lips
14. Together in Electric Dreams by Lali Puna

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