Imogen Heap: New CD "Ellipse"

Imogen Heap such a talented and creative musician has just release a new CD called "Ellipse". It is nothing but magical and soothing to the ears of those who listen to this masterpiece of music.

Imogen Heap is known for her work as part of Frou Frou and for her solo record Speak for Yourself in which she wrote, produced and mixed. In 2006, she was nominated for two Grammy Awards and since her new CD Ellipse has been rising in the charts. She has earned two more Grammy nominations so congrats on that Imogen Heap.

The new CD Ellipse has the sounds and feel that you would expect from Imogen Heap with her use of electronic sounds and her use of vocal manipulation. She also mixes sounds of ambient tones which takes into account the airy sounds and various soothing background sounds. She is one to craft and shape her sounds when it comes to producing and you can hear that by the hinted sounds in the backgrounds of her tracks. So check out her new CD and have a listen for yourselves.

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