Light Touch Holographic Laser Touchscreen

Touch screens have made the world of technology faster and smoother with its ease of use when it comes to accessing our information on our devices. Then we have had projectors since I don't know how long. So why has no one come up with a device that integrates both? Well I'm glad you asked. Light Touch ($TBA) is only a reference product for now, but it features up-and-coming tech like holographic laser projection technology that allows it to create a bright, high-quality, always in focus WVGA resolution image — up to 10 inches — on nearly any surface, and pairs it with an infra-red touch sensing system to turn the projected image into a touch screen. By using red, blue and green lasers to project large triangles onto a 10-inch area, Light Blue Optics has created Light Touch, resulting in a fascinating laser touch screen that's surprisingly interactive.

Watch the company's video simulating a few of the astonishing possibilities manufacturers have suggested for Light Touch. (in a few minutes, you can see our hands-on video). Light Blue Optics plans to license the tech to a variety of hardware and software creators such as Samsung, Microsoft, Adobe, Toshiba, and many more.


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