Ecospace the Sustainable Living


We’re entering the realm of ‘affordability’ in 2010 with this green studio composed of roughly 120 sq feet of room. I dig the large windows and such features as a green roof, heated water-resistant rubber flooring, sustainable red cedar insulated walls, and the small footprint offered by Ecospace. A standard model costs about $37K. Check out there website as well its very well designed and gives great information on there product.

The Mini-Jot

Although if your looking for another cheaper alternative to align with your budget then how about the Mini-Jot. At roughly $100 per square foot, this 120sq ft. studio can fit perfectly as a home office, guest house, etc. The structure is designed with passive solar in mind to reduce heating and cooling costs; as well as insulated lightweight structural panels, super-efficient windows, and optional concrete flooring to act as a heat sink. With the money you save on building costs, you could also add on solar, a wood stove, or other cool green features.

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  1. this is pretty cool stuff...i like the design of the structures and it seems pretty affordable if you're willing to sacrifice the extra space for a cleaner conscious. i look forward to seeing more eco-friendly posts about emerging green technology.