Futuristic Style Bicycle Designs

While being stuck in a traffic jam the other day I was thinking about the designs of the cars on the road. I was thinking about the futuristic type designs and practicality of the automobile. Then it popped into my mind what about the bicycle. What kind of designs have come out that are futuristic looking but yet still have some practicality?

Creative design can be pure art or it can add usefulness to its product. When an item combines beauty and practicality, then it becomes an excellent product. So check out some of these beautiful designs.


Designer Harald Cramer decided to integrate handle bars, stem and fork in the same piece. The crank is designed like a ring and mounted in the inside of the frame by two ball bearings.


Designer David Goncalvez decided that its folding composition be partial, so that it can be carried as a trolley and fastly charged without unfolding it. I think this one is pretty sweet for anyone who lives in a high populated sector.

Unknown Name

This prototype has a built-in locking system that can only be activated and opened by the owner’s fingerprint. The computer-equipped machine can also monitor the amount of calories burned, and its battery will assist you when going up a steep hill. The tires are puncture-proof and self-inflating.

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