J. Walt Go All In Interview

In my time in Florida, I've had the pleasure of meeting some very talented people with passion. So without further or do, let me introduce you to one of those people. J. Walt  who was born and raised in Tampa, FL and has an array of talents from being  a vocalist, producer, rapper, and studio engineer. He is currently working on releasing his first EP "Vieux Carre", which will be on all platforms in a few weeks. (Will update post with links once released).

Update: J. Walt just put out The Happy Hour Mix Tape on SoundCloud. Combination of two EP's for your enjoyment during quarantine of 2020.

J. Walt was even kind enough to let me put out one of his new tracks "Go All In" on The Collective Loop Collective Series 007. His track has that soothing sound of slow R&B with a nice bass beat to keep you swaying throughout the whole track.  Don't just take my word for it. Check out his tracks and other produced tracks on SoundCloud.

I even had the pleasure of asking J. Walt some questions for the curious mind. So continue reading and find out what this artist has to say about his musical style.

TCL: What influence your desire to make music?

J. Walt: Honestly, my time spent as an only child, I used music to entertain myself. Although I have older siblings they were all moving out by the time I came of age.

TCL: What does this EP Vieux Carre mean to you?

J. Walt: I was introduced to this drink through my bartender friends and I love this cocktail. Its usually served at a classic craft cocktail bar, and the vibe of those bars set the mood for this EP.

TCL: Who would you really like to collaborate with on a song if you could?

J. Walt: Andre 3000, heavily influenced by him.

TCL: Where do you get your inspiration for your lyrics?

J. Walt: Vibes I get from hanging out on vacations and the night life within in the up and coming Tampa party scene. 
TCL: What can we look forward to next in your desire to make music? Any new project?

J. Walt: I have A LOT of unreleased music that remains relevant to the current sounds in music. As far as new projects, there will be more after this EP.

TCL: You work at a studio. Tell me a little about the studio.

J. Walt: Glass House Studios is now a cultural stable of the Tampa Hip hop community. It's a joy. We watch artist grow into their own sounds as well as enjoy more establish artist making it a point to stop by and catch a vibe with our quality of work. It's a pleasure to work with so many different styles of artist in a short time span. It gives me a look into the music culture most don't get a chance to.

If you haven't heard "Go All In" have a listen to below.

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