The Collective Loop Collective Series 007

Welcome to the new Playlists on The Collective Loop. The Collective Series 007! Today is Summer and Spring is coming to a slow close. So why not spruce it up with some warmer music. New music by Bearson, Valley, Ayokay and more... I even have the pleasure to give a shout out to JWalt who was nice enough to let me put out one of his tracks Go All In!

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Cover art by: Damion S.


1. Emily by Tourist
2. Week by 7715
3. Go All In by JWalt
4. Toluca Lake by Tep No
5. Sports Car by Valley
6. cocaine Girl by Goldroom
7. World Away by Kasbo
8. Ocean Front Apt by Ayokay
9. Never Let Me Go by Attom
10. Treat You Better by Rufus Du Sol
11. Better With You by Justin Caruso
12. Wide Awake by Petit Biscuit
13. I should've Guess (feat. Speak) by RAC
14. Give A Little by Maggie Rogers
15. Get Lost (feat. Ashe) by Bearson
16. Call You (feat Nasri of MAGIC!) by Cash Cash
17. Fell Good (feat. Daya) by Gryffin
18. Aldrig Mer (feat TENDER) by Kasbo
19. As It Should by Bonnie X Clyde
20. Show & Tell (feat. Claire Ridgely) by Said The Sky
21. Broken Record (Louis the Child Remix) by SoySauce
22. Unusual (Manatee Commune Remix feat. MNDR) by RAC
23. For You (feat. Melissa Hayes) by Said The Sky
24. Matches by Quinn XCII
25. Shivers (feat. MNDR) by Slow Magic
26. Your Half Shadow by Melorman

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