Yamaha Concept Tritown Scooter

Electric scooters are booming in big cities and piling up on sidewalks and causing a slew of accidents. Now here is Yamaha's Tritown scooter, which gives an innovative take on the electric scooter that aims to fix the usual electric scooter's flaws. Designed as a last-mile mobility solution and using Yamaha's Leaning Multi-Wheel mechanism, the Tritown has dual front wheels and is controlled by the rider's balance. The Tritown stands upright at a stop, and never requires the rider to step off the scooter until they've reached their destination. It has a  380 Wh battery powers a 500-watt motor mounted in the rear.  I'ts top speed is about 15 MPH. The Tritown weighs in at 88 pounds and is just over three feet long, making it light and compact while having a substantial structure and lighting. The project looks to be ready for production, and the rumor is that it will be available for purchase within the year.

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