The Collective Loop Playlist-67

Welcome to Playlist-67 and Happy Halloween!! With our next Holiday and the month of November almost upon us, let us mask in the feeling of change and falling leaves.  In this month's installment we have a softer and semi tone styles by Ryan Hemsworth, Lisbon, ODESZA and more...

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Cover art by: Damion S. 


1. Native by Lisbon
2. By My Side by Great Good Fine Ok
3. Made in Hollywood by Lany
4. Always This Late by ODESZA
5. Snow In Newark (With Dawn Golden) by Ryan Hemsworth
6. Toxins by Mating Ritual
7. Shore by Sylas 
8. Get Down (Come Up) by Motophony
9. Heavy Metal Thunder by Young Tongue 
10. Naturally Lazy by Native American
11. No One is Lost by Stars
12. Running by Austin Basham
13. Lovers by Gold Lake 
14. Souvenire by Exotic Toy 

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