The Bracelet Charging Cable

I can't tell you how many times I have gotten through half the day on the go, only to look down and and gawk at the dreaded "less than 10% battery" signal. NNNOOOOOO!! All I was doing was texting, streaming music, scrolling through my instagram feed... OK... maybe a little Facetiming... but come on!  Only half the day!?! Aaaaand my charger is at home. Awesome.

Well, now I can sit back, breath and calm my mania because I have a saving grace sitting right on my wrist.

Having handy a cable that is portable, durable and comes in two pretty dern cute unisex designs, many colors, and is too convenient to pass up for both iPhone and Android. Peace of mind, thy name is "The Bracelet Charging Cable." Heck, you may even forget that it's a charger when wearing it. And yes, bracelets on guys can be sexy too (sometimes). So don't be shy... go ahead and check it out.

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