A Bike That Fits In A Bag

Now here is a Kit Bike that gives your bike a different meaning for portability. This sleek single-speed breaks down and fits into your very sexy Eddie Bauer sailcloth messenger tote. The Kit Bike is a very minimalistic two-wheeler and comes with 21 easy-to-assemble parts. With its easy-to-follow instructions and interlocking hollow tubes connected by twist joints, you will have this bike put together and taken down in no time. Oh, did I mention it was the winner of 2014 Red Dot Award. If you didn't know, know you know.

The handlebars are well just cork. The frame is made out of lightweight aluminum with steel hubs. The seat's is Corinthian leather and oh did I mention that it has no breaks. So you're going to have to stop with your feet like you did as a kid. Enough information, check out the video below.

Source: Thrillist.com

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