Drivebot - Your Smart Driving Assistant

If anyone out there is like me, you're driving the chilluns around, heading to work, and focusing on the everyday life... Suddenly, "uh oh...what's that sound? Why's my car making that sound?"  You try to block it out by turning up the radio, but it's too late... panic has taken hold. You feel every weird shimmy the car makes and deep down, you start to think about the very limited car knowledge that you possess trying to figure out what the friggin problem is with this stupid car, how much it's going to be, and when was the last time you had it serviced (you're pretty sure it wasn't THAT long ago). Every single detail of your mutual love/hate relationship with your car stands out in stark contrast from the amazing day you had planned.

Luckily, I have found a solution that will ease all of your slowly growing stress ulcers... meet Drivebot. Drivebot is a dongle that connects to your OBD-II (On Board Diagnostic port) that monitors your cars health and alerts you on your smartphone via Bluetooth when there's a problem. Upon detection, it provides simple instructions of possible quick fixes. Plus, it monitors your driving behavior and how to save gas with driving suggestions on how to save. Who doesn't like that idea?! Oh! And before I forget, for those of you who go on business trips and/or have to log your every move with your vehicle, Drivebot can export the data and email it to you as a report. Knowing what's wrong in advance can give you that much needed leg up when you bring your car to that scheister mechanic (who you totally know is trying to take you for a ride), and can help in avoiding the possible douchebag all together. Yay to that! With the proper mental preparation and new knowledge that you now possess, all your bad little thoughts and worries can ease away.

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