Metrofiets: The Standard Cargo Bike

Metrofiets has created some interesting custom bikes for different companies and now they want to make The Standard Cargo Bike ($3,599) for the public. It's stiffer, lighter and faster and comes with the following components:

• Hub-powered LED lighting - Bausch & Muller
• Fenders - Berthoud stainless steel
• Cargo box - Marine-grade wood
• Saddle - Cardiff leather
• Disc brakes - Avid BB7

Fork and tube sets are a mix of custom drawn 4130 steel made in the U.S. by True Temper and TIG welded at the Metrofiets workshop. Check out more on their website and see some of the custom built cargo bikes.

Source: bookofjoe

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  3. I must say, that is one crafty bike design. So much for making use of the extra space in the front. I guess a little more alteration and you can adapt the design to a fully-operational motorcycle.

  4. Nice customization with that bike. I just hope it performs well durability-wise; I've seen other trials for cargo bikes that made some slight miscalculations with a joint or a clamp, eventually breaking the model under slight pressure.

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