Plair: Stream TV/Pictures/Videos over WiFi and HDMI

So what is Plair you ask? PLAiR apps let you play photos & videos from your laptop, phone, and tablet on your big screen TV using the PLAiR device ($99). PLAiR works with all TVs that have a HDMI port and receives video over WiFi from custom apps for Android, iOS, OS X and Windows. It only takes three simple steps and you will be beaming shows from a multitude of different devices in no time.  The only downfall that I have noticed so far is that Hulu and Netflix's are not yet supported with this device but I'm sure it is only a matter of time before it becomes available.  Check out the video on there site to learn more

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  1. This is perfect for jet setters like me. I love playing videos using my laptop so this app can help me a lot.

  2. Just look at what technology could do to our lives nowadays, everything seems so simple and easy to do. Also it spice up our lives whenever we think we needed entertainment and fun in our life, just amazing isn't it?