Bicycle Taxidermy

Designer Reagan Appleton gives a different spin on the meaning to mounting a bike. The Scotland native's Bicycle Taxidermy business commemorates speedy metal steeds (bicycles) by mounting their parts on wooden plaques, bearing a striking resemblance to the trophy heads that hunters display on their walls. I find this to be a brilliant way of still having a connection to those parts that owners have a hard time scrapping after replacing their bike parts. Rather than leaving them lying around, taking up space, Bicycle Taxidermy offers a artistic alternative.

Appleton says, "A somewhat sentimental take on a mass produced object becoming defunct, the handlebars are given the care and craft of a preserved family pet(!) The bikes have now been re-appropriated as a family heirloom."
Check out more on there site to find out the different pricing to convert some of your parts into Bicycle Taxidermy


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  1. Those are really cute! And stylish :) I think I may gonna need to buy one - this can make a perfect gift for bike lover :) Thank you for giving me this idea!