Fantasy World of Lissy Laricchia

Found the photography works of Lissy Laricchia or a.k.a Lissy Elle to be a world of fantasy. I like what LiveFast said about her work, "Her creative use of gravity, light, texture and Photoshop transport you into her little imaginary world, a strange yet wonderful break from reality". I couldn't agree more with that statement.

You would also assume with her work that she has a corky personality to go with her imaginary world of photography. From her bio you can tell she fits in the corky and eccentric category.

I live in Canada, where the moose are. I take pictures of anything that will stay still long enough. If you asked me if I would rather see one of the seven wonders or Las Vegas, I would always say Las Vegas. I admire Dr. Seuss and Chuck Palahniuk more then you (sorry), and you bet your ass I would sooner tear out my own eyes then spell Panic! At The Disco without the exclamation point.
If you want to check out more of her work then check out her Flickr

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