A New Visual Direction for Tycho

On Iso50 this morning Tycho released a video of raw footage for his new Tycho Live Set. The song that is playing in the video is from his up and coming fourth album. To catch this new live set you'll be able to see it at his next show in San Francisco on April 7th.

The new visual design for his live sets are being generated on the fly with VDMX effecting / compositing video on a Macbook Pro. Everything is being triggered / synced by another machine via MIDI over IP running Reaper which is handling all the audio duties. He stripped down the entire live set — audio and video — and started from scratch. With the new album pretty much wrapped up he decided to rework the visuals to go with all the new material and to have everything work better with the new live band.

From the article I read it looks like Tycho is looking to finish up and release the new album in the summer of 2011. It seems far away at this point but it will slowly creep up quickly and we'll be able to enjoy some new Tycho music. If you've never seen Tycho's Live Set. I have added some video's from when I saw him in San Fransciso at the FITC event last year.

Video From FITC Event

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  1. Cool post, thanks! I'm also a big fan of Vj Loops and so I really like your blog!