Two Door Cinema Club

The other day I mentioned to check out Two Door Cinema Club but realized that in Playlist-15 it only has two remixes by the band and not the originals. So I decided to do a piece on them so you can check them out and find out what their about. So let's get started.

Two Door Cinema Club is three Irish lads from Bangor, Ireland who have been growing its fan base fast since March when then album "Tourist History" was release by Kitsune in the UK. The bands album is full of dance floor melodic electro pop which sucks you in with it's hooked inspired tracks. The bands states that in the end its going to be a fast paced, electro pop album. That’s their aim their going for. Every song on the album from start to finish is loaded with tremendous amount of hooks that will leave you addicted all day. Alex Trimble’s warm vocals direct the band to pop perfection. The guitars in this album have the angular fury of Tokyo Police Club. The Bass standouts in each track which will have you shaking around like crazy on the dance floor. This album is ranked up high in my top albums of the year and has been playing nonstop all this week. Like I said it becomes addicting with all these catchy songs.

via: Amelia's Magazine, We All Want Something to Shout For

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