Under the Carpet AD

What caught my attention of the ad below was the photography that was done by Zona-13. The style in which was used keeps my eyes focused on the concept while still giving the ad a more culture pull. It's meaning of environmental concepts and its idea of making the world a greener place is also another thing that pulls me into this ad.

This advertising campaign was designed by Legambiente PIM for the protection of the environment, entitled "under the carpet". It's an environmental ad which is trying to convey that we should stop hiding problems of waste and find ways to solve them. Although with the little information I found about this ad it could mean something totally different. What do you think this ad represents?

The advertising of Legambiente PIM: under the carpet.
Advertising Agency: Forchets, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: NiccolBrioschi
Creative Director Copy: Francesco Montella
Art Director: Livio Grossi
Copywriter: Hilija Russo
Photographer: Zona 13

via: Designlenta

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