Futuristic Strand Craft 122 Yacht

If you have some money and your not sure what to do with it then here is an idea. The Futuristic Strand Craft 122 Yacht ($TBA). This stylish and sleek yacht has a futuristic exterior, a stylish art deco-inspired interior with overly large 52-inch LED TVs, Bang Olufsen sound systems, four staterooms, and salon areas, over 14,000 horsepower capable of driving the craft to speed over 50 knots. This yacht is not the only thing that comes with the boat. It also includes a handcrafted super-car with a 880hp twin turbo V12 engine. So just in case you were like my boats awesome but it's still missing something. Oh I know what its missing my car to match my boat combo. Well guess what your in luck then.

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