Movement 2009

Every year since 2000 Detroit has thrown an Electronic music festival during Memorial Day weekend. This festival showcases the quality culture of the electronic scene. Movement: Detroit Electronic Music Festival has been known by different names over the course of 9 year. Following the first three events under the name Detroit Electronic Music Festival (2000–2002) were Movement (2003–2004), Fuse-In (2005) and currently, Movement: Detroit's Electronic Music Festival (2006–present), with each name change reflecting shifts in festival management. (Wikipedia 2009).

Movement is held in downtown Detroit in Hart Plaza. Hart Plaza has often been reported as being well in excess of the 14-acre (57,000 m2) venue's capacity of 40,000 people. It is a great place for a festival. You have different places among the grounds to explore and different stages set up above and below grounds.

I personally have been to almost all of the Movement parties except for 2006-2007. This is a party that you will want to attend. The people, lights, sounds, music and atmosphere are what make this party a hit. They always have some big name dj that everyone is looking to see but what happens when you get there is that you are blown away by the other artist that you might not have heard of before. This is what makes these festivals great. It is a way to expand your music taste and to meet others from around the world that shares a common interest to the scene.

Movement 2009 is scheduled for Saturday, May 23, 2009 through Monday, May 25, 2009 in Hart Plaza in Detroit, Michigan. This is the 10th year of the festival. Starting at Noon on Saturday, May 23 Techno heads, House heads and electronic dance music enthusiasts from across the globe will pour through the turnstiles at Detroit’s Hart Plaza for the start of Movement 2009. And for the next three days and nights they will have a chance to experience the ultimate outdoor electronic music venue. 36 hours of music; 4 stages and more than 70 electronic music artists and DJs. Last year’s attendance nearly reached 80,000 over the three days of the festival.

2009 Line Up
Movement 2009 - Electronic Music Festivals | Detroit May 23rd-25

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  1. It is a good time this particular music festival; Techno and House was after all birthed here...but, I highly recommend that you do not go wandering around in areas outside of Downtown that you are not familiar with.

    Hamtramk is ok for the most part, that is the area where the music actually started...the "arts center" Down Woodward to the DIA is OK.

    But stay pretty much out of the residential areas because things are beginning to get tight here (again) with so many people out of work. There is a profusion of property crimes in the neighborhoods.

    Be prepared for a poor mass transit system, buses only, and then it is a confusion between two different systems, suburban and city. There is a light rail but it only encircles the downtown area.

    Use some caution and you will be fine.