Back in Black 2 /Tycho Review

I would have to say this was my first t-shirt exhibit show that I have ever attended. It was a successful one at that. They had an organized way of ordering your t-shirt while still making it easy for the ones who may have had to much to drink. The coolest thing about the t-shirt exhibit was that your shirt was pressed right then and there. The company that was used to print the t-shirts on site was Vertical Merch which they did a excellent job in printing out my t-shirt. The two t-shirts that seemed to be the most popular were 'Pale Horse' T-shirt gold ink and Julie West' T-shirt turquoise ink. The t-shirts that were on display can still be purchased at

Lastly I can not forget the best part of the evening. Scott Hansen also known as Tycho for his music and ISO50 for his design pseudonym. I got a chance to speak with Scott and I would have to say he is a very down to earth guy. He is very passionate about everything that he does and you can tell that by his work that he produces. Scott also had one of his t-shirt designs displayed at the exhibit and had other works of art for sale at his Tycho/ISO50 booth.

I have been a fan of Tycho since seeing him perform at Movement 2008 and when I found out he was playing in Tampa, Florida. I had to check it out. His performance was extraordinary not only is his mixing skills but also in his visual effects mixing. He was doing both at the same time on his slick Vestax vcm600 mixer. His music choices for the evening made my feet move. If you missed this event then you missed out on a good night of art and music. If you have not heard or seen any of Tycho/ISO50 work check it out at

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  1. The preview of the show displayed here is very nice. I was looking for this type of collection, soon going to grab it..